Monday, February 25, 2013

Size Really Doesn't Matter

I have some earth-shattering news to share with all you ladies out there.  We are fooling ourselves each and every day with our negative self-talk about weight loss.

You know how it is, every morning you look in the mirror or step on the scale, and the negative thoughts start coming.  "I wish I could fit into my 'skinny' pants."  "Ugh, my belly is so fat!" "Why oh why did I eat that piece of cheesecake last night?"  My own usual thought was:  "If only I could lose ten pounds, I would be so much happier."

Guess what ladies?  I lost ten pounds.  But I'm shocked to realize that losing ten pounds has not made me a bit happier.  It has not changed my outlook at work, made me feel uber-confident giving presentations, made me feel more comfortable meeting clients for the first time.  I'm not happier in my personal life, more apt to go out late on Friday nights - none of the lies I have told myself over the years are true!  There is a bit of a thrill in putting on pants a size smaller than usual, but that thrill lasts just long enough for the next self-destructive thought: "Well, I'm sure I won't be this size for long..."

We need to learn to love ourselves, no matter what our size.    


nate and marne said...

very well put sister dear!! I have been trying to tell myself that for years. Despite the fact that everyone tells me how great I look, blah blah blah, I see me with no clothes on!! :) It is not pretty under there. But I enjoy food, and most especially treats, way too much to feel guilty about the weight I gain or calories I eat. I usually complain about the stomach ache from the beloved chocolate ice cream!!:) Glad you got some perspective, it is always nice to have those aha moments. No, weight really doesn't matter. It's how we feel about ourselves, and treat the people around us that does. Thank you for the reminder.

Dawn said...

You could not have said it better!!! Easier said then done but so worth remembering!!!! You look great ALL the time!!! This is a post I need to read & then re-read often!!! :) Thanks for the pep talk!!